Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rise Up Call

We say that this world heads for moments of violent crisis, clashes between cultures, between nations, between friends, between families and even within the families. This is not just an idea, but something we see growing each day.
We also say it is necessary to change the course of what is happening in the world of today, otherwise this generalized violence won`t stop but will keep on growing.
What is the result of such unstable and changing situation? We go more untable and more violent. When things and situations around us are calm, its not that difficult to take them as a reference for our own life, just like lighthouses safely lead the boats to destination.
But there are no references left in the world of today. We see how everything falls down into pieces and changes up to reaching situations we wouldnt have thought possible.
On the other side, how can we build a new world if we still have "elements" of the old one deep inside us? How can we live in a non-violent way, how can we not discriminate the "other", how can we dream a new Nigeria, how can we valuate the humane part of other people, how can we treat the others the way we would like to be treated, if inside of us, there is still a little voice saying that the system is how it is, that we are the way we are, and that nothing will ever change, no matter how??
We talk about changes, evolution, overcoming the suffering, about building and branding a universaly proud nation, and this wont`t be possible if we dont change, develop, start to surmount our own suffering and violence, and if at the same time we dont implicate in social labour and changing our polluted mentality.
We need to provide references to other people, to become their life`s reference. We need to understand and end with this anti-humanistic way of thinking, feeling and living, and bring this seed of critical attitude to others. And accept the fact that no tribe in Nigeria is supreme or superior.
This work of changes, this revolution inside us, this learning process to see things differently, bring it to others, sharing your wakening with them and invite them to their own internal revolution...this is the PERSONAL WORK. The very work that will drive us to attain that DREAM OF A "PROUDLY NIGERIA".
We say that the human being looks for happiness, that he wants to overcome pain and suffering, that he wants to learn without barriers, that he`s able to build the reality he wants to live in, that he has the right to search the meaning of his own existence, and that he must have the freedom to decide the way he wants to live and be ruled inbetween the available options. We are the achitects of the future of this great Nation, your vote can make a great VOTE without TRIBAL or RELIGIOUS SENTIMENTS, and VOTE RIGHT. May God/Allah bless you and bless the federal Republic of Nigeria.

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