Sunday, January 17, 2010

A joke illustrating the smartness of Nigerians

 A Nigerian and a white Lawyer were sitting together on a long flight.The lawyer thinking Nigerians are DUMB,decides 2 slowpoke him. Hey,let play a game.The naija Guy was in a nap and politely declined.D lawyer persuaded 'It a cool game,I ask a question u dont no d answer,u give me $5,u ask me a question,i dont no d answer,i give u $500.This cut d atention of d guy,he decides 2 play so he wont be disturbed.The LAWYER ASKED 'WHAT IS THE DISTANCE FROM THE MOON 2 THE SUN? THEguy immediately brought out a $5 bill &gave the the turn of the guy he asked 'WHAT CLIMBS D HILL WITH 3LEGS BUT COMES BACK WITH 4LEGS? D lawya brought his laptop,searchd 4 it online,looked through the library congress,asked his smart friends via email. After an hour,the lawya was goin NUT! He waked d guy,gave his $500 & askd "WEL,SO WHAT CLIMBS D HILL WITH 3LEGS BUT RETURNS WITH 4? The Niger Guy reached 4 his pocket and gave the lawyer $5.

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