Monday, September 3, 2012

Ways to stay stress free at work

Sometimes working round the clock under various demands at work can get really stressful. Yes, it’s true that life is not that easy; especially when you have to meet innumerable deadlines and deal with the day-to-day chaos at work. This is why, we give you the top seven ways to be stress free and cheerful at work.

1. Get organized:
No matter how old school this may sound, being as organized as possible can be the best way to avoid stress at work. If you have your plans in place and a proper schedule of how you will go about it, then there are less chances of struggling to cope up with various situations.

2. Meditate:
Stress is all in the mind and the best way to control your mind is meditation. It will be great if you can indulge in some amount of yoga or meditation early in the morning which will at least give a peaceful start to the day. Yes, it may seem a bit of a task in the beginning, especially when you take your hectic schedule into consideration, but this reallyworks.

3. Indulge in hobbies:
‘All work and no play makes jack a dull boy’. Yes that’s pretty much proven and it goes the same for all age groups. If you will indulge yourself in some kind of a hobby during weekends, then it will ease out all the pressure and within no time, you will be smiling like a child. Go get those guitar lessons that you always wanted to learn, indulge yourself in painting if you have an artistic zeal. If beingindoors is not your thing, then try to play a sport that you enjoy the most.

4. Listen to music:
It’s proven that music has the power to elevate your spirits whenever and wherever you are. Take a break at work, take out yourheadphones and listen to your favorite artist or a soothing piece of music you really like. It will somehow relieve you of the hundred stressful ideas running in your head and will pep you up to keep you going for therest of the day.

5. Don’t get lost in the rat race:
Agreed that a healthy competition always helps bring out the best in you, but it’s equally true that once you get addicted to cut throat competition, the situation may turn into a nightmare for you. Strive to bring out the best in you andcompete with yourself. Do notcompete with anyone around you. This way, you will find that working is much more enjoyable and your optimisticattitude will be reflected in your productivity levels.

6. Talk to your friends:
Yes, talking comes naturally to you and this will be the easiest tip to follow. Just when you feel a little stressed or demotivated, ring up a friend and talk to them. Friends can be the biggest stress busters and can magically put a smile on your face. A short conversation with your friend will help uplift your mood and motivate you to face your plight.

7. Be goal-oriented:
Stress can really take a toll sometimes and it may even pressurize you to give up on many occasions. Just fix your goals in your head and say to yourself ‘I can face this’. Write your goals on a piece of paper and pin it on your desk and make sure you read it everyday. When you feel like giving up, look at it and this will keep you going, no matter what.

Stress and work pressure are a part of a working life. They should be dealt with patience and perseverance. These tips will surely help take some amount of pressure off your head and make your workplace a better place to be in.


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