Sunday, June 10, 2012


The man who taught us that we can be all we want to be with hard work and Determination . PROF CELESTINE ONYEMOBI ELIHE ONWULIRI ( fas, ksj, jp), Our indefatigable,Amiable, Highly competent, sagacious and Ebullent former Vice Chancellor, an ardent proponent of versatility and dexterity,You were a father indeed, You showed love, out of your mouth came words of wisdom. You were humble , never looked down on anyone irrespective of age and social stratification. All who met you during your sojourn on earth can say better things than I can say about You. Your death as it came ghastly and untimely tells us that death is no respecter of persons. You lived a life worthy of emulation. Like st Paul, you have run your race to the finish and your crown of glory awaits you . He said to us - " we are going to greater heights" Daddy, u have indeed gone to greater heights. FUTOITES LUV, MISS and CHERISH YOU. Rest in the bossom of The lord.

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