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Tiger nuts & health

Tiger nuts are very healthy, they help to prevent hearth attacks, thrombosis and activate blood circulation. Due to the high contents of soluble glucose they prevent cancer and lately some investigators discovered that they reduce the risk of suffering colon cancer. The very high fibre content combined with a delicious taste, make them ideal for healthy eating.

Tiger nuts analysis

Nutritious product with a high energy content (starch, fats, sugars and proteins), rich in minerals such as phosphorous, potassium and vitamins E and C:
Phosphorous, together with calcium, constitutes the bulk of the mineral substance of the bones and teeth. It plays a part in the formation of ATP, an energy compound indispensable for "activating" glucose, fatty acids, etc. It improves intellectual performance.
Potassium is the most important neural element in intracellular behaviour. It plays a part in numerous enzymatic reactions and in important physiological processes, such as cardiac rhythm, nervous conduction, muscle contraction.
Vitamin E plays a role in the formation and functioning of the red blood cells, muscles and other tissues. It is thought to have a preventive effect against cardiovascular diseases and cancer.
Vitamin C its main functions are: Antioxidant; Encourages the absorption of iron; Helps maintain vitamin E levels; Indispensable for the inmunological system and for preserving the tissues.

Scientific analysis

Mg: 1070 mg/Kg.
Na: 206 mg/Kg.
K: 7100 mg/Kg.
P: 2557 mg/Kg.
Ca: 179 mg/Kg.
23.56 % Fats (oils)
21.23 % Glucoses
24.13 % Dietary Fiber
4.15 % Proteins
400 kcal /100 Energy
4.77 % Humidity
Informative average rates
Scientific analysis of “nutritional and dietetic aspects of tigernuts” done by Rosaura Farré (Catedrática de Bromatología, Facultad de Farmacia; University of Valencia) – year 2003.
Scientific analysis of “digestive aspects of tigernuts” done by Miguel Bixquert (Profesor titular de la Facultad de Medicina; University of Valencia) – year 2003.
Scientific analysis of “effects of tigernuts on heart diseases and related aspects” done by José Martínez Valls (Profesor titular de la Facultad de Medicina; University of Valencia) – year 2003.
  • Very healthy.
  • High content of oleic acid.
  • Positive effects on cholesterol levels (high content of Vitamin E).
  • Suitable for diabetic persons.
  • Ideal for children, older persons and sportsmen.

Medicinal Benefits of the Tiger Nuts

1. It prevent constipation.

2. It has necessary essential minerals; calcium, magnesium and iron necessary for bones, tissues repairs, muscles and the blood stream.

3. It contains enough protein and carbohydrates

4. Chufa contains a good quantity of vitamin B1 which assists in balancing the central nervous system and helps to encourage the body to adapt to stress.

5. It supplies the body with enough quantity of Vitamin E, very essential for fertility in both men and women.

6. It is excellent for colitis and assists proper digestion. In China, chufa juice is used as a liver tonic, heart stimulant, drank to heal serious stomach pain, to promote normal menstruation, to heal mouth and gum ulcers, use in Ayurvedic medicines and is a powerful aphrodisiac (intimate stimulant).

7. The black specie of the tiger nut is an excellent medicine for bosom lumps and cancer (any type of internal canceration and inflammations). It can be used as eye compress and to bandage wounds.

8. Tiger nuts give a heating and drying action to the digestive system in general and this gives it the potency to alleviate flatulence.

9. Chufa promotes the production of urine, this is why it is a preventive measure for cyst, prostrate, hernia, rectum deformation and prolapsed (BehindBased feature-small painful flesh and the tip of the anus) and to prevent endometriosis or fibrosis as well as blockage of the tip of the fallopian tube.

How to make Tiger-Nut Juice


Fetch 180g of dried tiger nut, 1 liter of water and one lemon rind; sort out all rotten nuts and other unwanted objects.
Wash chufa and soak for 24 hours, change the water 2-3 times to avoid smelling, drain well and blend in your blender.

Blend it with a rind of lemon, add half of the water and allow to stand for 20 minutes - sieve with a neat cloth twice, bottle and serve cold you can add molasses and a cinnamon stick.

Chufa is cholesterol free but contains 2.9 grams of sodium, so, it should be eaten in moderation by the blood group ‘O’s. nursing mothers should eat a lot of tiger nuts for enough production of their bosom milk to satisfy their babies.

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