Thursday, January 14, 2010

Are Pastors Thieves without Gun ?

I just lost my jobs and looking for another,so a friend invited me to a program in his church,so i accompany him to the churc,as we were at the middle of the service,there was an alter call to thoser looking for jobs,i came out with several others,infact we were morethan 150 than came after the prayers,the pastor now said,"for God to perfect your prayers,you should be able to sow to God,if you know between now and next weekend you can bring in 50 thousand naira to the house of God you should raise up your hand",alot of people raised up their hands,he said the ushers to put down their names,home address and phone numbers. After then the pastor reduced the money to 45 thosand naira,then to 40,then to 35 down to 1000 thousand naira. i did not raised my hand because i have not gotten any job that will make me to give such an amount. Later towards the end of the program,the pastor now said he was going to pray a special prayer for all of us in the church,he started praying,towards the end of the prayer,he now said all of us in the church to raise up the highest denomination of money in our piocket up towards heaven so that he will pray a special prayer,every body raised their hands with currencies in them including myself,i raised the last 1000 thousand naira up,i thought he would tell us to return the money beck to our pocket after the prayer,i was dead wrong.After the prayer he ordered the ushers to go round with basket and collect all the money raised up,infact you need to see the amount that was collected on that day,alot of people droped the last money in their pocket including me,most of us treked back home. I could not sleep throughout the night because of hunger and i now realised that we have been ROBBED without using a gun nor knife. Pls fellow nairalanders,what is happening in christedom?

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