Sunday, January 17, 2010

Two LOve Birds

Adaeze Igwe and Joseph Yobo spoke exclusively with Abiola Aloba of Encomium magazine about their love story. Read it below...

We would like to know your love story. How did you guys meet? Was it love at first sight?

Joseph Yobo “I think it was love at first sight. After we met, we became friends and later we found out we had something special and strong for each other. It was not one of those frivolous affairs. We knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. I believe I fell in love first and made the first move. But maybe she had fallen first and only just pretended not to be. But later she confessed.

Adaeze Igwe “When we first met, he kept staring at me that I almost thought there was something wrong with my outfit. Apart from that I can not really explain how it happened because we were both at how fast everything has happened.

Some have speculated that pregnancy might have been the reason for the quickness and hush nature of your wedding. Could they be correct?

Joseph Yobo “Wwhen I came to Nigeria for the summer, I had only intended to stay for a short time as I usually do, but then I met Adaeze and we fell in love. So, I spent the whole of my summer holidays in Nigeria, which I’ve never done before. To show how serious my intentions were, I even met with her family to assure them that she was in safe hands. Her mom immediately approved the relationship so we took it further from that moment onwards. It was never because of pregnancy. We have always talked about having a child together and had even joked on how beautiful the baby would look. But we could not do the wedding before now because of the nature of my job and also because of Ada not being around as she had a tight schedule in school. We wanted it special and the night of December 31, 09 was the only time all our family members were going to be around. After the date, I am going to be very busy at work till July 2010.

Adaeze Igwe "I can’t understand why that speculation would come up. I know in this modern world, people don’t get married because of pregnancy and apart from that, I am still very young to rush into marriage because of pregnancy. Meanwhile we had concluded other forms of marriage before the church wedding, though we had kept that to ourselves.

Some are of the opinion that Adaeze might still be too young and not experienced enough for the rigours of matrimony.
Adaeze Igwe “I don’t think I’m too young to get into marriage. I know that by the grace of God, I can handle it. Age is only but a number. I have realised since I met Joseph that he is all I want in a man and he’s my best friend. So there’s nothing to worry about. We learn every day.***

All the best to them...

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