Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Blogging In nigeria

Hi Folks,
there are so many blogs in Nigeria,
yes i agree with you all, but lo and
behold very few of them are
making impact
the main reason is that they are
not giving providing quality
content, they are not educating
their visitors, the only thing the
way is to make money with their
blog which to me can/may not be
They main reason their are content
so boring is that many of them
what start a blog so as to make
money, which should not be the
primary aim, that is the
disconnection, they do not have
enough knowledge on the subject
matter they talking about.
A blog is an online journal, it aims is
educating the visitors, day-in-day-
out, it must be updated always.
For you to be able to educate, you
must have enough knowledge
about the subject you intent to use,
You must be ahead of the students,
Can you imagine a situation
whereby you bought a Punch
Newspaper and discover that the
information there are has been
published before either by punch or
other newspaper, what will you do?
you either throw it at them or you
will not buy it again.
Blogging, content is the key, so you
must look for areas you have
interest or know-how. WHEN YOU
are giving your visitor quality
content, then you can move to the
next stage of adding adsense or
affiliate marketing or information
For the past months i have been
planning to start a blog of
Information Security, though i
know it is subject not many people
are talking about but it is very
important because hackers are
everywhere, you see many people
using free email address like yahoo
and others and they do not know
that it takes 6minutes for yahoo
email to be hacked, do you
remember Yaradua Resignation by
channel TV. I am still trying to get
much more information so that my
visitor will not be dissapointed, that
is why i have not started it because
i really want to educate first.
Bloggers we in this country, they
think you can just hear about
blogging and kick it up
immediately, it MAY not work that
way, except, you are blogging on
Jobs, which what is hot now,
because so many people needs
jobs, that is why a blogger on Jobs
niche market can get Tuesday
Guardian every week and write the
vacancies on his blog, his is just
providing employment
For you blog for money:
Look for a niche market
get quality content,
Promote the site
Leverage on successful blogs on
your niche,
then you can make money either
by Affiliate marketing, Google
Adsense, Information Marketing
So Good luck fellow Nigerians

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