Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Keep your Face Clean always

The face as we all know is the front par of the head, from the forehead to the chin. Normally, what a person who is just meeting you for the first time looks at is your face which shows how important it is to keep your face clean. Not keeping your face clean can cause so many damages like pimples, black heads, eczema, spots and psoriasis (a skin disease that causes red rough patches).
Without overstating the obvious, here are some tips on how to keep your face clean.
1 Remember to clean and moisturize before going to bed, no matter how tired you are. Although there are no hard and fast rules about this routine. At least, try to keep your face clean by washing with a mils soap or cleansing lotion, gel or astringent. Replace lost moisture with light moisturizing lotion or cream.

2 Exfoliating is another way to achieve a clean and radiant face. However, exfoliate according to your skin strenght. Give yourself a facial scrub at least three times a week. Follow up with lotion to leave your face fresh and glowing.

3. Oily skin is supple but shinny and prone to spots and pimples. This is the major skin problem peculiar to Africa. Oily skin may not or may lead to pimples. It is crucial to distinguish between oil on the surface of the skin(which makes it look shining)and oil trapped within the sebaceous duct (which leads to inflammation and pimples). Oil within the sebaceous duct can be removed using an astringent which clears the pores, while oil on the surface can simply be wiped off with soft paper tissue or washed away with mild soap.

4. Adolescence is the time to establish a beauty routine. The action you take now will pay dividends in ten to twenty years time. Avoid crash dieting to prevent your skin from sagging. Try to keep your natural skin tone by avoiding bleaching o toning cream, lotion and soap.

5. When in your thirties, the oil on your face that glistened before may look dull and dry. Beware of this change and adjust your beauty routine.

6. In your forties, your age will be showing some effects on your face. How much depends on genes and the care you showed in previous years.
As the skin ages (due to collapes and collagen and elastic fibers which gave the skin it elasticity and tone), it becomes thinner. This process happens faster in women than in men. There is sagging, wrinkling, loss of skin tone and uneven pigmentation. Once wrinkles appear, you can not get rid of them but you can make them less noticeable. There are many anti ageing creams and lotions in the market, promising the prevention of ageing, its delay or reversal. If you have money to invest in such, goahead. Otherwise, a sensible life, treating your face with respect, plenty of sleep and with no heavy make-up will help retain your youthfulness.

7. In your fifties and beyond, menopause takes it toll on the condition of the skin as estrogen, 'the good skin' hormone gradually decreases. However, this is no reason why your skin should not be soft and supple. Exfoliate more than ever to ensure that your skin remains smooth and glowing. Put some wonderful creams on your face as it smooths away the lines which not only come from age but from tiredness and hardwork. In addition, watch your diet, avoid stress, drink plenty of water and sleep well.
It is not too late to start pampering your face if you have neglected it in the past. However, it is worth the effort because there is much to gain from it.

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