Thursday, December 10, 2009

salary jobs : modern day slavery

Salary jobs in Nigeria all amount to
slavery. The theories of ''USE AND
DISUSE'' and ''HIRE AND FIRE'' all
apply. I think we deserve better
than these as graduates. But the
truth is, ''The most successful men
and women out there are
JIM OVIA of Zenith Bank is a
business man; likewise many
young and old successful people.
Who told you that you cant be
bigger than all of them?
What is stopping you from ''waking
up'' that ambitious spirit, that lies
''hidden'' deep inside you?
What is that thing that is
''weakening'' your spirit when you
have a dream?
Lets trash it now or never. You can
make it! Say Amen!
Start your own business now.
The starting size dont matter, its
the ''start'' that counts.

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