Wednesday, December 2, 2009

yar adua rumoured unconscious

There has been palpable anxiety all
over Nigeria in the last 24 hours
over the health of Nigeria's sickly
leader, Umaru Yar'Adua, who was
admitted to the King Fahd Armed
Forces Hospital in Jeddah on
Monday after he was evacuated
from Nigeria on medical
emergency. It is his third medical
trip in four months. The presidency always gives the impression that the is in the country for something
else, although Nigerians now know
After Saharareporters broke the
story of his latest medical
evacuation two days ago, his office
issued a statement admitting that
he would be visiting his doctors in
Yar'adua suffers from a
degenerative disease known as
Churg Strauss syndrome.
Saharareporters sources said
Yar'Adua, who appears increasingly
gaunt for a man who is not yet 60,
was unconscious for about four
hours last night, fueling widespread
rumors that he had died in Saudi
Arabia. Saharareporters received
thousands of inquiries from readers,
including government officials who
claimed they had not heard from
the "president".
Characteristically, Yar'Adua did not
hand over to his vice, Jonathan
Goodluck, a man he either fears, or
holds in contempt, as he never
hands the constitutional batton of
power to him. In the corridors of
power, the lackluster deputy is
generally referred to as the "Social
Prefect" because of his
powerlessness and lack of influence
in the presidency. Even the
presentation of the 2010budget
was done by Yar'Adua aides on
Tuesday. His most powerful
political performance this year was
at the final match of the just-
concluded Under-17 World Cup
event in Abuja, where he
represented Yar'Adua.
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