Monday, December 7, 2009

Important things you need to know about beer

The facts here is for Beer lovers and vice-vasa. Beer is mostly composed of WATER which isn´t particularly interesting. What´s intertesting, however is that the water in certain regiongs were originally better suited to making certain types of beer. For eg. Dublin´s mineral -rich hard water, for eg. was great for making Stouts such as GUINNESS.
How beer is made, 1st, Malted Barley is mixed with hot water, creating the MASH amushy oatmeal- like substance. Next, a sugary liquid called WORT is drained off.
The HOPS comes after that. The hops are boiled with the wort to add bitterness, flavor & aroma. (HOPS are the flower of a vine which is a member of MARIJUANA family. But you can´t smoke hops, so DON´T TRY IT)
Next, YEAST is mixed with the hopped wort & left to ferment.
ETHANOL & CARBON DIOXIDE. ( Ethanol is what gets you to drunk, C02 adds bubbles to the beer.
Most beer falls into 2 categories; ALES, LAGERS.
ALES when the yeast ferments at higher temperatures & stays at the surface it produces an ALE.( Popular ALE include PAL ALE, STOUT Dublin)
LAGERS when it ferments at a lower temperature & does not float at the surface, it produces a lager.
(Popular lager includes PILSNER .HELLES, BLACK BEER;they can be found in Europe)
After drinking booz, the alcohol is absorbed into your stomach & small intestine & eventually enters the bloodstream, where it is carried throughout the body.
NB:drinking on an empty stomach makes u get drunk faster cos the alcohol is absorbed more quickly.
Your body eliminates the alcohol through urination, breathing it out, by breaking it down in the liver.
Your body can break down about 1 drink per hour. So when you drink faster than your body can prcess, u get drunk.
Fianlly let me tell you somethings i think might interest u too. How beer can affect u, 1st it hits the CEREBRAL CORTEX. This makes you more talkative & less inhibited. ii. When the alcohol reaches the HIPPOCAMPUS of brain, it causes memory loss & exaggerated emotions(this is when u call tree a man). iii. The CEREBELLUM keeps u balanced. When alcohol hits it, you lose COORDINATION( here u see a drunk falling several times). iv. If the alcohol reaches your MEDULA, you are in TROUBLE. The MEDULA regulates activities which you do not have to think about, like regulating HEART RATE and BREATHING. Its very dangerous this time cos it might lead to death if help did not come fast....I suggest u don´t get drunk especially this December season and most importantly make sure u don´t taste beer at all if u are going to drive.

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