Monday, December 7, 2009

Why you should consider affiliate program

Affiliate Marketing has come to stay on the internet. Many companies are interested in people that will market their products and/or opportunities for big commissions.

This is one of the programs a newbie can join and expect great rewards in a short while because of the following reasons:

1. Free sign up (most of the programs).
2. Free training and support.
3. Free affiliate websites.
4. Quality products for marketing.
5. Company handles orders, follow-up with any prospects you send their way, close the sale, ship the products, handle customer service and complaints, and do virtually all the stuff you would have to do if you were selling your own products.
6. Big commissions on sales generated.
7. Commissions up to 7 levels of down-lines. (Some more).

Therefore, whenever someone you send to that company buys something, you get paid a commission for it. It is a win-win situation. The company is looking for more people to promote their products and they only pay a commission when an actual sale is generated. As an affiliate, you do not have all the burden of providing the product or service, following-up, closing the sale, handling customer satisfaction issues, dealing with "problem people", etc. You just get people to the company's website and the company takes care of all that for you.

Is it not interesting to just bring prospects to a company and leave all the intricacies of selling to them. All the trouble of customer complaints, after sales service etc is left to the company. Smart job, you will say!

The amazing thing about affiliate marketing is that you can often earn a lions share of the profit. Yes, many companies are willing to pay you more than they earn themselves for making a sale. There are affiliate programs where you can earn up to 90% of profit. Really amazing!

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