Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Meditation and Prayer

The deepening stability and calmness of mind developed through practice the of meditation slowly renders the mind fit to see more clearly into itself. Such clear seeing gradually sets us free dissolving barriers to the full development of wisdom and compassion. Heaven is the vision of fulfilled desire;while Hell is the shadow of soul on desire Heaven and Hell are right here behind walls and every window it is our bondages and attachments which pulled our eyes from knowing the reality and understanding the truth. Our physical world or materials world is smacked in the middle of heaven and hell.
When you projected you will cross over the barriers, which ever sphere or realms you reached time stops, two minutes there is just like a life time here in the cosmic physical, everything you could see there is real
Dr. Herbert Benson of Harvard Medical School, a medical pioneer of the mind-body movement subjected meditation to scientific testing and found.
Through meditation you can set the stage for important mind and habit altering brain change. Scientific research has shown that electrical activity between the left and the rights side of the brain becomes coordinated during certain kinds of meditation and prayer; the implications are exciting and even staggering.

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